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Discover La cour des sens massages, a perfect moment of relaxation and warmth an obligatory step into your journey at La cour des sens if you want to clear your mind.

Enjoy a massage given by an experienced and diplomed professionnal. Any massage session canceled without a 24h notice have to be paid. Our massages are therapeutic but non medicalized.

 Massages proposed by La Cour des Sens

Energy Massage with essential oils

Enjoy Californian Massages, foot reflexology, palmar reflexology , digipuncture and indian style massage. 30mns : 55€ / 60mns : 85€

Foot Reflexology

Enjoy a foot therapy which target a symptom .30mns : 55€ / 60mns : 85€

Prenatal Massage

This massage is recommanded after the 4th months of pregnancy.This massage use biological essential oils. 50mns : 75€

AAyurvedic Massage

Born in India the ayurvedic massage is the massage of life. Chooose from (1) the massage Abhyanga with complete body care with warm sesame oil 60mns : 85€ (2) A back and feet Massage using a Kansuet butter, which is an indian foot réflexology 50mns : 85€ (3) The Siddha Ela Kizhi massage using herbs 60mns : 90€


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